Mr. Ron Dawn Appointed Permanent Principal...

Dear Newport Central Catholic High School Community,

On behalf of Most Reverend Roger J. Foys, D.D., Bishop of Covington, and Reverend William Appel, Pastoral Administrator of Newport Central Catholic High School, I wish to announce the Bishop’s appointment of Mr. Ron Dawn as principal of Newport Central Catholic High School, and no longer interim principal, effective February 10, 2017. Mr. Dawn will be the principal of Newport Central Catholic into the future.

Mr. Dawn is currently in his 35th year at Newport Central Catholic (NCC). During that time, he has served NCC as a teacher, coach, athletic director, assistant principal, interim principal, and now principal. All involved with NCC during Mr. Dawn’s tenure have witnessed his dedication and allegiance to the school, and all whom it serves. 

Undeniably, Mr. Dawn has a genuine concern for the teachers, staff, students and NCC community. His fondness for the school and his regard for the students were most recently evidenced this past fall when, despite medical setbacks, at the forefront of all his thoughts were his family and the NCC family.

Mr. Dawn leads and inspires by word and action, and throughout his career, has exhibited the conviction and courage to make tough decisions. I think the Newport Central Catholic High School Board for its conviction and recommendation of Mr. Dawn to continue as principal. 

On behalf of the diocesan Department of Catholic Schools, I express my appreciate to Mr. Dawn for his 35 years of dedicated service to Newport Central Catholic High School. In a day and age where persons in leadership positions can be very transient, Mr. Dawn has served the ministry of Catholic education with loyalty. I congratulate Mr. Dawn on being appointed as principal and look forward to working with him as he leads Newport Central Catholic High School.

Yours in Catholic Education, 

Michael Clines, Superintendent of Schools