Students Awarded Scholarships for 2019-20 School Year

Congratulations to the following students who received scholarships for the upcoming 2019-20 school year! Scholarships are merit based, need based, or require students to complete applications. These students will be honored at our Academic Honors Assembly when school resumes in the fall.

Michael J. Burke Memorial Scholarship - Grace Kessen

Robin Fugate Evernham Leadership Scholarship - Hannah Boden, Jonah Krebs

Anna Rose Schutzman Scholarship - Joel Iles, Brooke McCulley, Megan Burkart, Emma Brockman, Nate Roach, Luke Landrum, Haylee Meyer, Haley South, Isabella Salter, Anna Bishop, Preston Baggett, Brennan Seiter        

Len & Charlotte Geiger Memorial Scholarship - Joey Melville, Rylee Turner

Jeffrey Wagenlander Memorial Scholarship - Chloe Hicks, Jerrod Watts

Dave Ueding Scholarship - Will Johnson

Robert & Jeanne Kues Scholarship - Ethan Ford  

Albert E. & Rosemary Trauth Scholarship - Owen Flanigan, Reagan Smith

Starkist/ Heinz Education Endowment - Ellie Kramer, Jacob Diedenhofer, Nick Osburg

Fr. John Hegenauer Memorial Scholarship - Vinny Miglio

Linus G. & Bernice L. Hehman Scholarship - Melanie Weyer

Schutzman Leadership Scholarship - Anna Collopy, Sarah Bertsch

We are so grateful for the families who have created these scholarships to benefit our students.