Students Participate in Career Expo sponsored by Business Networking Group

This week, senior students actively participated in a two day Career Expo sponsored by the NCC Business Networking Group coordinated by alum Mike Smith ‘10.

We are very grateful to the panel of speakers and mentors who volunteered their time to share their life story, career path and personal highs and lows of their chosen profession. A few key messages provided to students preparing for the next phase after graduation included…..networking, building skills, having good work ethic, creating a sound resume, being relentless, discerning passions, pursuing what aligns with your faith, etc.

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(The seniors on retreat this week will have this same opportunity)

A special “thanks” to the following —

Trenton Thomas '95 - Home Inspector
Michael Zimmerman '04 - Prosecuting Attorney
Jamie Ramsey '92 - Lawyer

Chelsea Carroll '03 - Market Research

Eric Vieth '92 - Insurance
Tim Gessner - Civil Engineer
Scott Anderson - CEO/ Financial Transactions
Pat Collopy '08 - Marine Corps

Nolan Johnson '10 - Physician Assistant
Jessica Johnson - Registered Dietician 
Bob Heil '78 - CEO/ Engineer 

Ben Walz '93 - Business Development

Mike Smith '10 - CEO/ Design

Scott Halpin '90 - Human Resources
Maryanne Enginger '92 - Speech Therapist
Trisha Bayer '10 - Nurse
Matt Clark - Firefighter/ EMT

Mark Krebs '05 - Financial Advisor
Nick Enginger - Education

Kevin Bueter '06 - Veterinarian
Fr. Britton Hennessey - Diocesan Priest
Tony Miglio - ACT Tutoring
Steve Halpin '88 - Sales

Kenny Collopy '03 - Advancement/Coach/Education

Jeremy Hardin - Fitness Performance Coach