Business Networking Group Serve as "Sharks"


According to Teacher Mr. Nathan Dilts, “Business management students did a great job last week presenting their business pitch projects in our NCC ‘Shark Tank!’ 

Students prepared a 10 slide PowerPoint along with an oral presentation detailing their new business in an effort to ‘Pitch’ their business to investors. Some aspects detailed by students included their business idea, the inner workings of the company, marketing and sales approach, the money forecast, and next steps for the business to take. 

A few standout businesses seen here are: “Must Have Music” by entrepreneurs Lexy Breen and Maddie Kremer, “Jevon Custom Instruments” Jon Rust and Kevin Drohan, “Smelli Socks” Paige Johnston and Katelyn Mullikin, and “New World Gaming” Kolten Winter and Jared Iles.

Thanks to members of the NCC Business Networking Group for volunteering their time to serve as our ‘sharks!’