Applied Sciences Pilot Program Bringing New Perspective to Students

Applied Sciences Pilot Program Bringing New Perspective to Students

by Carrigan Matteoli ‘19

“Follow your passions” has become a well worn phrase. But what happens when we don't know what our passion is? We have many college preparatory classes here up on The Hill that help students find their passions and a new unique offering was launched this past fall as a pilot program. Mr. Jimmy Ryan states, "The class has professionals come in on a weekly basis to describe their work and the skills needed to be successful once students get out of high school and/or college."  The Applied Sciences class’s purpose is to expose students to various construction, industrial, auto mechanic and manufacturing professions that they might have never considered.

Mr. Jimmy Ryan, Applied Sciences teacher, and Mr. Jim Cutter, Applied Sciences Ambassador and volunteer, have taken important steps to achieve this goal by bringing speakers in from various professions. So far in the first semester they have welcomed welders, plumbers, electricians, and elevator technicians to name a few. Many of these speakers are alumni or members of the NCC community and we thank them for their support and time in bettering the experiences of our students. They all share their personal stories, experiences, and give basic technical insight to the students to possibly discern their field.

Along with listening to speakers, students have gotten the chance to go on work sites to see what a day in the life of these professionals would be like. This helps them get a first hand account on what they could potentially do following graduation or even as a summer job.

Though the Applied Sciences class was launched as just a pilot program, Mr. Jimmy Ryan and Mr. Jim Cutter already have future plans to expand the class.  This may include more options for students completing the Applied Sciences class to focus in on a particular field, or even more exciting, some sort of Co-op program. Other classes in similar structure are being talked about such as health care, law, and even becoming an entrepreneur in different aspects of business.

As this class grows, it also will help students grow by finding passions and career direction. The strong foundation of this class to allow it to expand was structured by Tim Hanner’s NaviGo Company by helping design the curriculum which will improve both organizational and individual effectiveness. The primary goal of the class is to simply expose students to different career fields within different industries. "This class and Mr. Cutter gave a great insight to the different professions, and helped us get our foot in the door of the real world,” Robby Wormald mentions.  Some may find out that this class or a field is not for them, and that is okay.  In addition to helping find the path they do want, students are learning valuable life and handy skills.

The later years in high school are all about finding what you like and what you could see yourself pursuing after graduation. This new Applied Sciences course could have a tremendous impact on the life and careers of Newport Central Catholic graduates.