Scholarship Opportunities Offset Financial Sacrifice of Catholic Education

Newport Central Catholic Community Support Growing to Offset the Financial Sacrifice of Catholic Education

In the 2018-19 school year, Newport Central Catholic is offering more scholarships for students than ever before, primarily, because of the generous donations from families and supporters of Newport Central Catholic. Just this school year, nearly $110,000 will be offered to offset the tuition costs of 58 students through individually funded scholarships. This does not include the $280,000 awarded in our tuition assistance program supported by the Diocese of Covington, donations, fundraisers, and other sources along with the $17,000 granted on merit as a result of the annual incoming freshman placement tests.  This total of $407,000 helps offset the sacrifice that families make for Catholic education.

"We feel we have so much to offer for students with various interests ranging from Honor Programs, Academic Support, Drama, Athletics and Counseling and more," states Principal Ron Dawn. "These sorts of donations and support of Academic Scholarship allow students and families the opportunities to experience these great offerings."

The establishments of the Anna Rose Schutzman Scholarship, Nancy L. Murphy Scholarship, and Mr. Dave Ueding Scholarship along with the 17 existing individual scholarships aid in lessening the burden of tuition costs for deserving families at NCC.  These scholarships can be merit based, need based, or both, stipulating applicants of the scholarships have financial hardships, service requirements, minimum GPA and more.

Now more than ever, WE BELIEVE that no matter your economic situation, you can attend our school, because of the humbling support of our donors, families, friends, diocese and community. Scholarships at NCC allow students from various financial backgrounds to receive a Catholic Education that focuses on the Person as well as the Student.  This order of priority is resulting in high test scores and alumni success stories just as it always has.

Future individually funded scholarships to be offered as early as next year are in the process of maturing and detailing.  We thank all of our supporters and are humbled at the generous support from families aiding in our scholarships. For more information on NCC and our scholarships, visit contact the Newport Central Catholic Advancement Department at (859) 292-0001.