Students Get Hands On With Photography

Students Get Hands On with Photography

As we are in the early weeks of the 2017-2018 school year at NCCHS, students are already adapting to the rigorous class schedule and assignments. Students in Mr. First's Intro to Graphic Design class are working in Adobe Photoshop, a software that allows for photo manipulation and graphics creation, to learn fundamentals of photography and how images work together to create a design. One of the benefits of NCCHS is having great views of the Cincinnati skyline and in the early stages of fall, his students got out of the classroom and explored what "The Hill" has to offer. 

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Students were tasked with finding images that fit a criteria of photography definitions. "I was amazed at how engaged they were when they were demonstrating their knowledge of the definitions outside of the classroom," said Mr. First. Not only are the students learning topics in the classroom, but they are adapting them into real world situations. "I am already observing how their creative exploration is sparking such a high interest in what I am teaching and that is why I chose this career, it is amazing," added First.

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Over the semester the students will also begin to look into additional Adobe software. This will include, Illustrator, a software to create logos and graphical elements, as well as InDesign, a platform to design brochures, business cards and other print materials. In the end, students will be able to take the knowledge of all three areas covered, as well as design terminology to create art that is engaging, inspired by them and worth sharing. Keep an eye out for some of their finished pieces.

Finally, Mr. First would love to share stories in any of the areas covered. If you work in any of the topics covered in this article and would love to come in a speak to students about your career and what is needed outside of NCCHS, he would love to hear from you. Feel free to contact him at