Student Spotlight - Senior Jonathan Rust

A Student to Emulate - by Kevin Drohan Class of 2018

Whether it’s Geology, a musical career, mountain climbing, or even athletics Jonathan Rust has been willing to tackle it all in his past four years at Newport Central Catholic. It is his final year at NewCath, and he’s happy to say that he has a large amount of gratitude for the time he has spent here. “NCC has made me a better student and person through the hard work and dedication I’ve put in over the past four years. It has been a large contributing factor to any success I have had over the years, and I will be forever thankful for all the opportunities it has given to me.” This speaks measures not only for what NCC has done in his life, but about what he has done for NCC.

He is a student to emulate, playing on the varsity soccer team, being the team captain, participating in the talent show, and playing on the bowling team are just a few of his numerous accomplishments. Somehow, Mr. Rust is also able to squeeze in difficult honors and dual credit classes, and excels in both. Any adversity that is thrown his way is overcome just as fast as it was thrown, and then some. Jonathan is even able to have some hobbies outside of school. Being a dedicated guitar player and music enthusiast, he finds as much time as he can to practice guitar. Not only that, but he finds physical fitness and exercise highly important, religiously working out after practice and games. After all, it is a goal of his to climb Mt. Everest. He says it himself, “I hope to reach the top of Mt. Everest in 10 years. I’ll be 28, which is the prime time of my life. I wish to travel the world, living life to the fullest.” As an aspiring Geologist, he will surely get a special learning experience out of his adventures along mountains and other travels.

Although he is passionate about Geology, music may have the upperhand. “I have always loved music, playing it, listening to it, making it, and making a career out of it would be totally rad,” Jon said. This passion shows as he has participated in every talent show since his Freshman year, and has even participated in a competition between several groups, called the Battle of the Bands. In his fast-paced life, Jon is still able to squeeze in music lessons in hopes to become a legendary guitarist. There is no doubt he will succeed; anyone who has seen him play has nothing but good things to say about him.

NewCath is lucky to have such a strong student in its midst, and it will undoubtedly be sad to see him go. Thankfully, more ambitious students will arise, and most likely will look at students such as Jonathan as role models. Jon will go on to do great things in his life, and it is all thanks to his hard work, and determination.

Seniors - Jonathan Rust and Kevin Drohan

Seniors - Jonathan Rust and Kevin Drohan

About the Author

Kevin Drohan is currently completing his fourth year at NCC. He has been heavily involved in musical activities outside of school, but also dedicates a lot of his time to school work, and other academic activities. He thoroughly enjoys subjects involving English, including creative writing, poetry, and journalism. Kevin is working toward making a career out of English when graduation comes around, as it is the subject in which he excels.