St. John Baptist De La Salle Award Recipients

At today's golf outing, Committee Chair Matt Heister presented the St. John Baptist De La Salle award to Dr. Dick Schuck and Dr. Larry Brennan.  They are the first recipients to receive this newly established honor that recognizes extensive stewardship in the mission of Newport Central Catholic.

Dr. Dick Schuck has donated a set of Irons to raffle off for the last.......30 years?  He was instrumental in coordinating efforts with the annual golf outing for many years.  He and his wife Jul and family continue to be active and generous supporters of all things NCC.  

Dr. Larry Brennan and his wife Karen Enzweiler have not only given monetarily to the mission of Newport Central Catholic but are also very generous with their time and talent.  The renovations underway of the school library can be credited to them.