Faculty Spotlight - Art Teacher Mr. Jim Doerflein

WE BELIEVE in lifelong relationships at Newport Central Catholic and for more than the past quarter century the most colorful room on The Hill has been occupied by everyone’s favorite art teacher Mr. Jim Doerflein.  For those who have not visited our school since the last addition you will find this room in a different place, but it still dawns the usual pieces of Mr. Doerflein’s art “guys”, as he puts it.  The Halloween masks, hall perspective pieces and colorful actual motorcycle are among his most tenured residents, but what students know and remember most about Mr. Doerflein is his ability to be friendly, but challenging at the same time.

While passing Jim in the hall, one is almost guaranteed a “What’s up, man?” and a pat on the shoulder; but don’t be fooled, because the art room is not for playtime.  “I emphasize hard work over and above everything else.  Talent, as they say, is God given, but effort is up to you,” Jim insisted.  “I always assume that making art is FUN - but if you want your artwork to improve, you absolutely have to be incredibly disciplined and intense about it.” These philosophies coupled with Jim’s friendly nature provides a place where students are not afraid to be pushed to the edge of their abilities.  Creation and innovation is an every class period occurrence in Jim’s room.

With these types of teaching skills it is no wonder Jim was awarded the Thomas More College Excellence in Teaching Award given to an outstanding Catholic educator in the Diocese of Covington. “I am a huge fan of Catholic education.  I was told by Mr. Foster 28 years ago that NewCath is a FAMILY - I have always found this to be the case, absolutely NOT hyperbole,”  Jim said of his purpose and recognition.  Living this mission has made Newport Central Catholic a better place.

Jim’s roots can be taken back to another Catholic High school across the river -- Elder High School where he formed his appreciation for the Catholic school environment.  After graduation, Jim earned his D.A.A., now recognized as D.A.A.P. from the Art Academy of Cincinnati at the University of Cincinnati.  Furthermore, he has also achieved his Masters of Art Education Degree also from U.C.

These achievements of Jim’s have made our Art Department exceptional. “We’re fortunate at NCC to have such a strong Art Department, and I mean “art” with a capital “A”, thus including instrumental music, choir, theatre, as well as visual arts.” Jim added, “You would be hard pressed to find a school of our size that values and does such a great job with the arts.”  As Art Department Chair, Jim has been instrumental in improving the department that is constantly on display in certain public areas of our building.

His wife Susan, also a teacher, and daughters Adrienne and Chelsea should be very proud of Jim’s achievements as a teacher, student and award winner; however, what is most inspiring is his impact on his students.  Whether they are able to master the complex skills of art or not, Jim has taught them to be better people looking to improve themselves through challenges in all areas of life.