Character Development Council Focuses on the Person

Newport Central Catholic

Character Development Council

WE BELIEVE in the primary focus of character development at Newport Central Catholic and not treating students as simple data. This may seem contradictory to the results of our test scores from last year in which 13% of our senior students scored a 30+ on the ACT compared to the national average of just 5%.

We are very proud of our students and their successes on their tests, but admittedly, we do not focus on standardized tests.  We at Newport Central Catholic focus on the process, but first we focus not on the student, but on the person. There is no better initiative of that than Newport Central Catholic’s Character Development Council.

This council is comprised of teachers: Mr. George Stoll, Mr. Tony Haskamp and Mrs. Beth Sketch. Once a month all teachers take just one class period to present an interactive lesson created by the council.  The presentation typically covers the everyday blessings or inspirations that we take for granted by way of prompts, videos and discussions. This puts into perspective our typical trials and tribulations and helps us better focus on the tasks at hand.  To view a presentation see the links at the end of this article.

“We have taken this initiative to help students realize how blessed they truly are,” Mr. George Stoll, Leader and Founder of the Character Development Council said. “We feel that the development of character as a person is essential to the learning process, but most important to our vocation as teachers.”  Every student sitting in a desk in any classroom has been blessed with the opportunity of education, but at Newport Central Catholic they have been blessed with teachers who see them as people rather than test scores.

The focus on character and the person can lead to a positive and productive learning environment in which students thrive.  After the student has realized their potential and blessings that have been bestowed upon them, the process of learning can take place.  This secondary focus on the process is present in the ever improving curriculum created by faculty and staff at Newport Central Catholic.

After the focus on the person and the process, the results will follow like those produced by the graduating class of 2017. Our primary focus is to help our students to become better people and this ultimately helps them become better students.  There are so many negative stories popping up in the news and on the typical social media accounts these days. WE BELIEVE there is no better way to change the world than to invest in the character of our future. We strive for our students to become better people, not better test takers.  Our ultimate mission is to help every child find heaven.  If they score a 30+ on their ACT along the way, that is just icing on the cake.

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