Newport Central Catholic High School provides students many opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities through clubs, student organizations, and inter-scholastic athletic programs. Here are brief descriptions of some school-sponsored activities students have the opportunity to be a part of.



TRIP TO costa rica

¡Vamos a Costa Rica! NCC has just announced their June 2020 destination to Costa Rica. This 9-day trip will include several days of service and fun as we see the highlights of this Central-American country. The trip is open to all NCC students who will have finished the 2-year Spanish requirement by the time of the trip. For any additional questions, please contact Emily Loreaux via email ¡Pura vida!

TRIP TO washington dc, march for life

This trip takes place in January every year.

March For Life Pilgrimage 2020

Faculty / Staff Moderator: Ms. Claire Therese Heyne,




We have three academic teams at NCC: Varsity, Junior Varsity, and a Freshman team. Competition begins in September, and students participate throughout the school year, including the NKAL and Governor's Cup tournaments.

Faculty / Staff Moderator: Ms. Lauren Frieman,


The Science Club is a group of students with a passion for science and who are eager to learn about exciting things outside of the classroom.  It is a student led club where members will have the opportunity to attend field trips to places such as the aquarium and zoo. Other activities will include caving and hiking adventures, robotics, and animal care.  The club is open to all grade levels.

Faculty / Staff Moderator: Mrs. Beth Sketch,


The Blood Drive Committee works in conjunction with the Hoxworth Blood Center to host a donor drive once a year. NCC is proud to give back to the community in this capacity. We have always ranked among the top donor schools in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. This Committee reflects a continuation of that tradition.

Faculty / Staff Moderator: Ms. Mary Kay reilly,


In Breds for Life, students are exposed to various pro-life issues ranging from abortion to euthanasia. We hope that, through this group, students will develop a deeper respect for human life from the moment of conception to natural death. We try to achieve this goal through emphasis on prayer, sacraments, education, and involvement in local pro-life activities. Students also have the opportunity each year to participate in the March for Life where they travel to Washington, DC.

Faculty / Staff Moderator: Ms. Claire Therese Heyne,


This group is open to all students who are interested in participating in school and community liturgies. With details for the choir and school Masses coordinated by the moderators, these students play an active role in school worship. The church choir conducts outreach activities, too, by singing at local schools, parishes, and other community agencies.

Faculty / Staff Moderators: Mrs. beth sketch,; Mr. Gary Devoto,


The Culinary Club is an extracurricular group where students can learn the basics of cooking in the kitchen, better understand how to create culinary dishes and menus, and extend their culinary interests into the real world with visits to local restaurants and culinary attractions. These students are also afforded opportunities to practice their skills at school events. The Culinary Club hopes to instill a greater understanding of the world of food, develop positive attitudes, foster strong leadership and management skills, and develop communication abilities.

Volunteer Moderator: mrs. kelsey grome,


The Drama Club has given students an understanding of theatre and has allowed them to have an opportunity to express themselves through fine art. Culminating in major musical productions with a Fall Cabaret and Spring performance, these opportunities are a wonderful way to assist with self-confidence and self-esteem. There are typically just as many students helping off-stage as actors on-stage. NCC is dedicated to fostering the total drama experience of learning, commitment, and theatre.


Faculty / Staff Moderator: Mrs. kelly lorenz,


Intramural basketball is a great club for students to become involved in over their Christmas break. For two weeks over Christmas break students are invited to play basketball with their friends in a non-competitive environment. Last year we had over 80 students participate, both boys and girls. After the first week, teams are ranked and a tournament is played. The winning team has a chance to play the teachers during a pep rally in January.

Faculty / Staff Moderators: Mr. Joe Weber,


All students, regardless of math skill or level, are invited to compete in local and national math competitions through Mathletes. Our Mathletes compete in the MathLeague and TrigStar competitions nationally and the John O’Bryan Competition at Northern Kentucky University locally.  The Mathletes host the Dave Ueding Mathematics Competition held each spring at NCC for local 7th and 8th graders. 

Faculty / Staff Moderator: Ms. Katrina Hlebiczki,


Mock Trial provides the opportunity for students to experience what it is like to be in a court of law and to be on both sides of a case. This team provides a chance for students to organize a case from both the prosecution and defense perspectives, as well as to compete on the state level.

Faculty / Staff Moderator: Mr. Joe Weber,


To be eligible for membership into the National Honor Society (NHS), a candidate must be a member of the sophomore or junior class. Students must have been enrolled at NCC for at least one semester, and they must meet a minimum GPA average requirement of 3.75. Once these criteria have been met, students are considered candidates to the program. Membership is an honor bestowed upon a student. Selection is by a majority vote by the faculty committee and is based on outstanding scholarship, character, service, and leadership.

Faculty / Staff Moderator: Ms. Katelyn Beatrice,


The purpose of the Sociedad Honararia Hispanica is to recognize high achievement in Spanish by students of secondary schools and to promote continuity of interest in Hispanic studies at our school. 

La meta de la Sociedad Honararia Hispanica es reconocer el talento linguístico en español de los estudiantes en escuelas secundarias y mantener la lengua de español viva en nuestro instituto. 



The Student Ambassador Program consists of students who assist the Development Department with recruitment activities in our grade schools. These events include eighth grade visits to NCC, NCC visits to district grade schools, and the annual NCC Open House. Teachers may recommend students who they feel are comfortable speaking in group settings. Names are then given to the Development Department.

Faculty / Staff Moderator: Mr. charles marks,; Mrs. Tessy B. Krebs,


The NCC Pep Club is open to all students. The group promotes school spirit by encouraging attendance at school-sponsored events. Some of their activities include selecting theme nights for particular games, organizing caravans, planning contests, and running pep rallies.

Faculty / Staff Moderator: Mrs. emily loreaux,


Our talented yearbook staff exists to bring each school year to life in the pages of Reflections, our school yearbook. The staff uses Jostens Publishing and a lot of heart to preserve each school year’s memories.

Faculty / Staff Moderator: Mrs. Stefanie Piegols,


The Student Government Association at NCC represents the link between students and the school’s administration. The job of SGA is to be the voice of the student body and to lead and promote NCC. SGA sponsors several student committees, dances, spirit days, and pep rallies. The group also assists with the annual Open House, a mentor program, and more.

Representatives for the 2019-20 school year.  

Presidents: Hannah Boden & Justin Vieth

Senior Representatives: Jonah Krebs & Sydney Willike 

Junior Representatives: Ben Faust & Amanda Smith

Sophomore Representatives: Ethan Ford & Rylie Gearding

Freshmen Representatives: To Be Elected

Pep Club Presidents: Tanner Daunt, Piper Murphy, Olivia Whitehead, Luke Ziegler

Public Relations: Ashley Schulkers

Secretary: Brooke Bihl

Treasurer: Delaney Halpin

Dance Chairmen: Natalie Barth, Sydney Duke, Ellie Enslen, Maddie Kramer

Faculty / Staff Moderator: Mrs. emily loreaux,

make a change CLUB

Make a Change Club is a student-led club open to all students who want to recognize and help with issues facing NCC students and community such as, but not limited to, bullying, drug abuse prevention, stress/mental health. 

Faculty / Staff Moderator: Mrs. Robyn KELLINGHAUS,