Newport Central Catholic High School is pleased to offer several courses designated as Advanced Placement or AP. These courses remain among our most rigorous and reflect a demanding academic curriculum.

About AP

AP remains a nationally-recognized program through the College Board. An AP course is developed at the College Board by a committee consisting of college faculty and AP teachers. Each AP course covers the breadth of information, skills, and assignments found in that AP subject’s corresponding college course.

Our AP courses are taught by highly-qualified high school teachers who use the national AP Course Descriptions to guide the development of their syllabi. Each discipline’s course description outlines content, describes the subject’s curricular goals, and provides sample examination questions.

In most AP subjects, students are enrolled in the year-long course (most AP classes span both semesters), which culminates in the national AP exam each May. Students who score well on the national AP exam may earn college credits prior to enrollment in their post-secondary school.

Most schools grant credit and placement for scores of 3, 4, or 5, but each college and university’s AP policies vary.

AP Grading at NCC

To reflect and award high school credit for the academic rigor AP courses demand, NCC assigns the highest amount of quality points to AP courses. AP courses at NCC are weighted with a 2.00 multiplier, so a 97% course grade is worth 8.00 quality points (2 x 4.00). (Visit the student handbook for more information on all NCC grading policies.)