The 2017-2018 school year will mark the twelfth full year for the Academic Enhancement Program at NCC, but we have recently modified the design of the program to streamline with other Diocesan and public high schools. We no longer accept students into the program without a professionally diagnosed learning disability.

ADD/ADHD alone does not guarantee placement into the Academic Enhancement Program. Situations will vary based on individual circumstances, recommendations included within an evaluation, and teacher recommendations.

If a family or student feels the Academic Enhancement Program is necessary but they have not yet gone through the evaluation process, we may allow them to schedule into the program while completing the process (if space allows).

A maximum of eight students per class period are served.

Students in the program report to the Academic Enhancement classroom as one of their eight class periods. The rest of the day, these students are scheduled in regular classes with their peers.


The Academic Enhancement Program Coordinator works with each student to monitor progress, grades, behaviors, and upcoming assignments/tests. The coordinator also facilitates the students’ use of Edline.

Working alongside classroom subject teachers, the Academic Enhancement Program helps to monitor each student’s assignments, helps build study and organizational skills, and makes any necessary accommodations needed within the classroom or on tests.

Newport Central Catholic reserves the right to advise families and students to make use of public school options in circumstances we feel we do not have the adequate resources to appropriately meet the needs of a particular student.

For More Information

For more information about the program and the services we provide, please contact Mrs. Niki Youngquist, Academic Enhancement Program Coordinator.