At NCC, we believe that our faculty, staff, students, parents, and school board are a “family” in the respect and support we show for one another. As one family, we work to bring to fuller realization the Kingdom of God that has already begun in our hearts.

Our school remains committed to sharing in the education of the whole person with the family, the parish, and the civic community. NCC leads each student to understand and develop personal giftedness and freedom through our curriculum and other activities. This focus provides for all facets of growth in an atmosphere guided by the principles and teaching of the Catholic Church.

We also recognize our unique role as educator in the academic area. Students at NCC are being prepared to bring hope and competence to a complex society through a sharing of Gospel values and the good use of knowledge and scientific technique. Our students are challenged to develop themselves to the level of their ability. The faculty endeavors to make students conscious of God’s presence in their lives, so as to build in each a positive self-image. Upon graduation, we are confident our students are prepared for a lifetime of learning.


The mission of Newport Central Catholic High School is received from the Gospel message of Jesus Christ: to form men and women for service, leadership, and evangelization in the Church and community.

Newport Central Catholic High School is a private, coeducational secondary school operated by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Covington, Kentucky.



2019-2020 dress code 

The dress code of Newport Central Catholic has as its main purpose neatness with a uniform look. All students are to follow the spirit of this dress code as well as the actual dress code. Students not following the dress code will have parents notified and either have proper attire brought to school or go home to dress properly.

Pants-- Khaki slacks for all students. Slacks and pants should be cotton or cotton-polyester. Only traditional style khaki pants are acceptable, such as Docker-style or uniform-style. Pants and slacks must be worn at the waist without an excessively baggy or excessively form fitting look.


Khaki uniform shorts may be worn throughout the school year. Shorts are to be an appropriate length (mid thigh or longer) and must meet the above criteria. See slacks and pants.

Shirts-- Any shade of blue, gold//yellow, or white polo or golf style shirts.  Shirts must be plain with a manufacturer logo no larger than one inch are permitted. All shirts must be tucked in at all times.

Outerwear-- There is one permissible NCC outerwear which is available for purchase through the school. To order, Go to, click on NewCath, then click on UNIFORMS.

Shoes and Socks-- All shoes must be closed toe and fully cover the heel and fastened properly.

Boys-- Boys must be clean shaven with no facial hair and neatly groomed at all times.  Earrings are not permitted.

Girls-- Girls should keep jewelry to a minimum and be neatly groomed at all times.

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